Number of problems concerning flight baggage is rising

februarie 17, 2020


A holiday should clear the mind and be an opportunity to rest, however this can be disturbed when your baggage full of travel essentials gets lost. Arriving at the travel destination without your baggage is unfortunately, a growing concern.

Globally, flight passengers are more and more faced with baggage problems. Since 2014, the amount of lost, damaged or delayed baggage items has significantly increased according to Taxi2Airport Nederland by use of a recent SITA-report concerning the global baggage problems. This resulted in problems with 22 million baggage items in 2013 to 24,8 million in 2018. However, ‘only’ 5% of these baggage items actually remains lost or turns out to be stolen which resulted in 1,24 million baggage items in 2018. The remaining baggage problems are due to problems with transfers (46%), loading the aircraft (16%) and mistakes made by security or during check in (16%).

FlightClaimEU is convinced that the passenger should not suffer from these baggage problems, and therefore has the mission to protect customers by handling the baggage claim succesfully. Do not hesitate to seek for our assistance and you can trust us to do everything to reach the desired result!