Romanians lose over 35 million euro annually by not requesting their compensation rights for cancelled or delayed flights

Romanians lose over 35 million euro annually by not requesting their compensation rights for cancelled or delayed flights

very day, Romanian airports have an average of 5-6 cancelled or delayed flights, which results in an average of 500 Romanians affected on a daily basis. Over 1000 flights with such problems have been registered only in the last 9 months in Romanian airports. According to data, the total amount of compensation to which they would be entitled exceeds 35-40 million euros annually.

About 180,000 Romanians are affected every year by the cancellation or delay of the flight

Air traffic in Romania registers record after record, with an increasing number of flights. The airports of Romania have already over 20 million passengers annually, which increases the pressure on the airport employees, but also the incidence of flight problems. Every day an average of 5-6 flights that land or take off from Romania have delays of more than 3 hours or are cancelled.

Out of 10 eligible Romanian passengers, only one obtains the rights from the airlines on average

Being afraid of bureaucracy or difficult procedure, only maximum 10% of the Romanians in the situation of a problem flight get to claim their rights from the airlines, and the rest of 90% give up to request the compensation of 250, 400 or 600 euros, in depending on the flight distance. The Dutch company, based in Romania too, records daily between 20 and 50 requests for compensation from Romanian passengers who want to receive their rights from the airlines.

4.5 million passengers with cancelled and delayed flights, at European level

At European level, the threshold of 1 billion passengers has been reached since 2017, but the incidence of flight problems has increased too. According to Eurostat data, the number of flights with problems has increased by about 40% in the last years. In 2018, over 4.5 million passengers were affected by the cancellation or delay of flights, which translates into a total compensation of almost 2 billion euros. The average value of compensations per passenger is 422.85 euros.

The busiest period: the summer season and December/January

As expected, the most crowded period in terms of requests received by is the summer season, when the airlines are overcrowded, and also records a request every 30 minutes. About 9 out of 10 requests received by the company are solved, and the passengers get to receive their compensation according to the law. From the beginning of the year until now, most of the flights were cancelled in January, when the airports in Romania registered over 180 flights that were delayed for at least 3 hours or were completely cancelled, but also in August when almost 170 flights have been delayed or cancelled, especially low-cost or charter flights. Also, some of the delayed flights also caused the loss of connections, so that more and more passengers flying to exotic destinations are starting to claim compensation of 600 euros/person.

Tarom and low cost airlines have most delayed and cancelled flights

Most delayed and cancelled flights were recorded by Tarom, but also by low cost airlines Wizz Air, Ryanair and Blue Air.

Top 5 destinations that have the most frequent delays when taking off or landing in Romania

According to data, the destinations with the most frequent delays are Milan, Madrid, Rome, Larnaca and London.

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